Maestros of the Archive : The Art of Archival Documentary

Gathering, manipulating and presenting archival material is an art form. Through archival film making, a seasoned story teller can tap into our nostalgic tendencies, our memories and collective subconscious with precision and eloquence. This session showcases leading documentary Directors and Producers who specialise in the creative use of archival material. Their work represents the gamut of archival documentary film making, from entertaining to immersive, historic to academic.

Conceived by Brendan Palmer and moderated by Ruth Hessey, the Maestros are: Paul Clarke (Bombora – The Story Of Australian Surfing, Wide Open Road – The Story Of Cars in Australia,Lillian Roxon – Mother of Rock,Whitlam – The Power & The Passion), Shane McNeil
(Girt By Sea), Jeni Thornley (Maidens, To the Other Shore, For Love or Money), Nicole O’Donohue (Griff The Invisible, The Last Impresario).