The Hungry Tide screening at The Chauvel in Sydney

Only metres above sea level, the Pacific nation of Kiribati is on the front line of climate change. Maria Tiimon, a Kirabati woman living in Sydney, is passionate about her homeland and, despite her shyness, is determined to raise the world’s awareness of its predicament. Back home, sea walls are crumbling, storm tides are sweeping into villages; relocation may be the only long term option. Maria’s palpable longing for her family, community and culture gives the story of her nation’s plight a tender and pressing resonance.

A Film by Tom Zubrycki

Director’s Bio: Tom Zubrycki is an award-winning documentarian whose recent films include Temple of Dreams (SFF 2007); Molly & Mobarak (SFF 2003) and The Diplomat (SFF 2000). He also works as a producer mentoring emerging filmmakers.

Screening: 7pm – August 5, 2011

The Hungry Tide