Outback Kids ABC 1 9.30 pm Starting Thursday 19th May 2011

Outback KidsOutback Kids follows the work of the Brahminy Group as it attempts to rehabilitate seven profoundly troubled young kids deep in the isolated Australian bush. It’s a place of last-resort for chronic drug abusers, juvenile offenders, petrol-sniffers, gang members, child prostitutes and the sexually abused. Aged between twelve and sixteen, the kids are a mixture of boys and girls, black and white, rich and poor; funded both privately and by welfare departments. But what unites these kids is the severity of their problems: they are at the end of the line and this place, far from the toxic temptations and traumas of their usual lives, represents the kids’ last chance of salvation.

The Brahminy Group takes its name from its founder, Allan Brahminy. Abandoned at birth, Allan was adopted by an aboriginal family, yet at the age of seven he was removed from his indigenous family by welfare authorities and placed in foster care. His troubled childhood prompted him to embark on a career helping troubled youth and he established his facility. This series follows the fortunes of seven young kids as they confront the trauma they’ve experienced, a trauma that Allan believes is the cause of their anti-social and life-threatening behaviour. For Allan, it is critical that each kid comes to terms with what they’ve suffered and become a survivor. But survival is a critical issue for the Brahminy Group, too. Mortgaged to the hilt, several blows threaten to derail the facility and the kids’ chance of survival.

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