New Screen Hub Education Directory


Screen Hub is constructing an online Film and Television Education Directory as part of the website, that is intended to provide potential students with a quick, clear guide to all of the training institutions around Australia.

The directory is intended to complement the existing Events advertising on the site by providing permanent links to your institution. Essentially, its our way of helping you advertise your permanent courses, as well as individual events and short courses.

The directory will be part of a new Jobs Resources page on the site, bringing together the eight different forms of jobs help that Screen Hub offers into one.

How to get into the directory

Like all advertising on Screen Hub – the directory is free.

All you need to do is provide us with:

  1. The name of the course
  2. A link to the specific course page on your website
  3. A brief description (up to 100 words)

Email this to with Education Directory in the subject line, and we will do the rest.

New Film and Television Jobs Resources

Screen Hub has pulled all of our employment resources together into one super-jobs page, making it a lot easier for people to search and post.

We even surprised ourselves with how many useful resources there are on the site – which is why our assistant editor is now sitting and rocking in a dark corner muttering about how nobody knows how much work she does, and why doesn’t she get a pay rise…

Screen Hub: Film & Television Jobs