Listen Up! A Masterclass in Sound – 12th July, 2016.



LISTEN UP! A Masterclass on Sound

Tuesday 12 July 6pm at AFTRS. STREAMING LIVE at

  • A must for practising and aspiring filmmakers, this unique session showcases new recording technologies and essential practical advice from four award-winning experts. Whether you’re a lone director/camera/sound person, a recordist struggling with multi-channel sound and three cameras or a producer, this is for you! In the pressure of production, sound is often the neglected aspect of filmmaking. So what are the pitfalls, solutions and latest tools to help you make a better film?
  • Oscar winning David White (Mad Max Fury Road), sound editor and mixer, reveals the consequences of poor sound for post production and solutions. Lemac’s audio specialist, Ross Boyer demonstrates new generation technologies and equipment from his toyshop. With clips of challenging situations, sound recordists Leo Sullivan and Philip Myers present practical issues for crews and techniques for capturing good location sound. Chaired by Rod Freedman.