A Thousand Different Angles on the ABC

Inge King

Inge King 1968. Photo by Mark Strizic

Vibrant, articulate and passionate – Inge King is one of Australia’s foremost sculptors whose work has always been on a grand scale. A pioneer of the avant-garde in 1950’s and 60’s Australia, she continues to work to this day.

Sculpture is drawing from a thousand different angles. It is to be looked at, walked around and felt with the eye.

Inge King 1995

Made by OzDox member, Amanda King, A Thousand Different Angles will be broadcast on ABC TV1 on Artscape on Tuesday March 30th at 10.05pm, and on ABC TV2 on Sunday April 4th at 6.30pm.

On this page on the ABC website, you can leave your comments about the film after it is broadcast. Look for the ‘Have Your Say’ section.