Antenna Documentary Festival – October 2013

As the OzDox October ‘event’ we are encouraging attendance at Antenna Documentary Film Festival. It’s back with more films, guests and special events. They are passionate about extending the scope of the festival and so this year Antenna will be touring Melbourne too. Now in its third year, the annual festival will take place in Sydney from 2-7 October followed by a four day festival tour in Melbourne from 17-20 October. Antenna 2013 will showcase over 40 feature local and international documentaries, three film competitions with cash prizes, DocTalk sessions and international guests. Full program and tickets are here:


Dennis O’Rourke, who died this year at 67, was one of the most powerful documentary filmmakers of his generation. His unique cinematic style defied conventional narrative and notions of objective reality in pursuit of larger truths about the human condition. His distinctive approach to storytelling can be traced from his earliest films in PNG through to his later documentaries including Cannibal Tours, Shark Callers of Kontu, Half Life, The Good Woman of Bangkok, Cunnamulla and Landmines: A Love Story. As an artist with exceptional vision, he was passionate, combative and courageous and his internationally acclaimed documentaries were provocative and often controversial.

Antenna in collaboration with Ozdox: the Australian documentary forum will hold a special screening of Cunnamulla in memory of Dennis O’Rourke. The session will be introduced by Stefan Moore, the film’s executive producer.




AUSTRALIA / 2000 / 86MIN
Sat, 5 October, 12:00pm
Chauvel Cinema 2
Cunnamulla is arguably Dennis’s greatest film, because it was his most purely cinematic and most personal. It takes place in the remote outback Queensland of his childhood where the harsh landscape, the people and the cadence of their language were in his blood. We are introduced to the characters in the town of Cunnamulla without judgement or sentimentality. They are on the margins of society, at the end of the railroad line both literally and metaphorically. Nothing much happens in their lives and everything happens. Hopes, aspirations, love and humour coexist with petty animosities, racism and death. Cunnamulla is deeply intimate and profoundly universal.

It was Dennis’s poem to Australia and the people whose value and beauty he believed has gone unrecognised. (Stefan Moore)

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