Short Documentaries: What opportunities exist?

What opportunities exist for short documentary story-telling in Australia? Where can you get funding? What are the options for different formats, distribution, festivals and online streaming? Short documentaries exist in a variety of formats, and a variety of platforms – from online to the big screen. They are a discrete form of story-telling, self-contained, have a unique subject and say something about the world. Short documentaries give emerging filmmakers a chance to develop their storytelling skills, and work with strong creative teams. They are often a stepping stone to make longer films –television, feature documentary or drama.

Featuring panelists:
Bronwyn Kidd, director of Flickerfest International Short Film Festival.
David Rokach, director of Antenna Documentary Festival
Jo Chichester, Executive Producer. Executive Producer. ABC TV Arts.
Jessica Douglas-Henry, Series Producer, Compass ABC Arts
Bethany Bruce, story producer & recipient of Screen NSW Emerging Filmmakers Fund.
Also featuring an interview with Charlie Phillips, Head of Documentaries, The Guardian.
Chaired by Tom Zubrycki, an award-winning Documentary Filmmaker.