A Salute to Martha Ansara

OzDox and the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) present: A Salute to Martha Ansara – filmmaker, cinematographer, feminist, writer, political agitator, mentor and then some.

Join Ozdox, ACS and Martha to celebrate her wide-reaching contribution to Australian film and take a trip through five decades of social and cinematic ferment: a reminder of valuable strategies of resistance and action, collectivity, creativity and fun.

Presented by  Pat Fiske, with veteran filmmakers Alec Morgan, Calvin Gardiner, Jeni Thornley, Kit Guyatt, Stephen Wallace and Storry Walton.

Those were our days of wine and roses … our wins and our setbacks. For those who were there, walk with us down memory lane and reunite with old friends. For those who perhaps weren’t even born, it will be a chance to hear about the thrills, spills and chills of what has come before – the institutional and collective support we lobbied for and developed in order to make creative, inclusive and committed films.

Martha Ansara has led a busy life – she’s worked on many films in various capacities – many of which will be discussed at this Salute. For this session, we asked her to make a list of her significant involvements, influences and associations – we had no idea of the breadth of her engagement …

For full bios goto http://www.ozdox.org/news/a-salute-to-martha-ansara-november-8th-2017/

Event produced by Pat Fiske, Rod Freedman and Tom Zubrycki. Projectionist: Alan Butterfield. Live stream mix: Peter Butterworth. Live Camera Operation: Brendan Toole & Erika Addis. Additional Editing by Brendan Palmer.