“Kangaroo – A Love Hate Story” Screening and Discussion – September 19th, 2018.

Join a panel discussion and Q and A with:
Director: Kate McIntyre Clere
Director: Mick McIntyre
Whistle-blower: Dianne Smith
Moderator: Brendan Toole

KANGAROO A Love-Hate Story
This groundbreaking film captures the untold love-hate story of Australia’s most famous

and contentious national icon. Set in distinctive Australian landscapes, KANGAROO explores

the complex and conflicting opinions around this unique marsupial that is at the center of the

largest mass destruction of wildlife in the world.

The kangaroo is the second most recognizable tourist symbol in the world behind the Statue of Liberty.

It is an image that defines Australia to the world. The kangaroo graces Australia’s national coat of

arms, flies through the skies with the national airline and is deeply intertwined in Australia’s corporate

and cultural identity. Yet despite a common perception that they are plentiful to the point of pestilence,

most Australians have little idea of the story of the kangaroo and what is at risk.

KANGAROO is the first documentary that will tell a comprehensive story of this Australian icon,

weaving stories of kangaroos from first Australians through to stories from colonial settlement, up

and until the present day.

KANGAROO is filmed around Australia showcasing some of the world’s most diverse natural

environments and wildlife. The film features interviews at large rural commercial properties with a

variety of views on the ‘roo’. The film explores the perspectives of farmers who see kangaroos as grazing

competition for their cattle and sheep, which is solved through shooting or the hiring of commercial

hunters. And includes comments from farmers who are anxious to find long-term solution paths of

coexistence with local wildlife.

The film introduces the audience to professional, former and current kangaroo hunters, some who

experience long-term trauma from their trade and others who see their work as a key part of maintaining

population balance. The film unfolds the cycle of the kangaroo from paddock to plate as different

scientists, industry and government representatives talk around the issues of killing wildlife, saving

grasslands for agri-business and the growth in international trade of kangaroo parts.

This film moves from considering the commercial interests of kangaroos to exploring the standpoints

of conservationism, public policy and political agendas. KANGAROO explores the perspectives of

environmental scientists, indigenous leaders and government officials as they interact on the

international stages of California, China and Russia. The film moves through the perspectives of those

who do research on kangaroo populations, visits sanctuaries for wildlife and the work of those who

defend the Australian wildlife outside their backdoors.

With breath taking footage of kangaroos in the wild, this film will give the audience an up close

experience of this unique species and bring to the table a conversation that Australians seem reluctant

to have; the future of the largest remaining marsupial species left on the planet.

KANGAROO is the creation of award winning company Second Nature Films, an independent

film production company co-founded by Michael McIntyre and Kate Clere in 1997. Second Nature

Films create projects that engage audiences and challenge the mind. Their work has been officially

selected in film festivals around the world.

“This probing documentary recalls films such as The Cove and Blackfish”

“You need to know how this iconic animal is being treated”

“The filmmakers are determined to sound a wake-up siren, and they blast it with extra strength.”

“This story needs to be told”

AFTRS Theatre
Australian Television and Radio School
130 Bent St, Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park
Suggested donation $10 ($5 Concessions)