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Ever worked on a documentary that tested your ability to stay sane?
Ever pulled a great doco out of seemingly hopeless footage?
Why do you keep working with the same editor/director?
Why are there directors/editors you will  never work with again?
Has it been LOVE or HATE?


Send us your tales of what goes on behind closed doors.

Contribute to a list of editing protocol do’s and dont’s?

What happens in the dark between the editor and the director – the GOOD, the BAD and the truly UGLY – rarely sees the light of day, but now on September 8, 2010, OzDox and the Australian Screen Editors Guild (ASE) are presenting a workshop where you can quiz our panel of editors about how they work with directors as we read out true tales of pleasure and pain… to  reveal what makes;

The Perfect Match for the Perfect Cut

Couples management for editors and directors

To share your confidential tale from the trenches, contact  Gwen Sputore gsputore@gmail.com or Martha Ansara hotdox@iinet.net.au

All stories will be read out anonymously. Do not use real names as we guarantee complete confidentiality.

This event will be held at AFTRS on Wed. 8 September, 2010 at 6:30pm

This Ozdox session, co-sponsored by the ASE, is a workshop for experienced filmmakers as well as emerging directors and editors who want to get the best from the editing process. Discussion will be sought from directors in the audience and from a panel of editors up the front.   And…. because editors never kiss and tell, actors will also read out anonymous tales of intrigue, salvation and magic – true adventures in editing never before revealed in public.

The following topics will be considered:

  • For the director: How to choose an editor
  • For the editor: How to choose a director (plus rejection without tears).
  • For the director: What a great editor can do for your film and what you need to provide them with at the start
  • For the editor: the care and feeding of the director – ten dos and don’ts
  • For the Happy Couple:
    • how to decide what your film is about and move forward together into bliss
    • protocol in the editing room – coming on strong vs the waiting game
    • ten fatal mistakes that can wreck a marriage
    • turning creative differences into a brand new baby
  • Healthy parenting – the mix and the grade
  • The Sweet Smell of Success: the domineering partner – learning to speak up – giving credit where credit’s due

Editors on the Panel: Ruth Cullen, Andrea Lang ASE, and James Bradley ASE.