The Director/Editor Relationship – Chaired by Mitzi Goldman & Karen Pearlman – 14 September 2006

Title: The Director/Editor Relationship – Chaired by Mitzi Goldman & Karen Pearlman
Location: AFC Theatre – 150 William St, Woolloomooloo
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AFC Theatre – 150 William St, Woolloomooloo


Thursday 14 Sept 2006 – 6.30pm for 7pm start


Suggested donation $5

OZDOX brings you the first in a series of craft sessions around directing. September Ozdox is organised in collaboration with ASE (Association of Screen Editors) and co-ordinated by Mitzi Goldman and Karen Pearlman, a documentary director and editor (who have never worked together).

What can be learnt about documentary directing from the editing room? It has been said that many a documentary was “made” in the editing room. Editing in documentary is tremendously challenging, satisfying and frustrating as shaping the story from the rushes is much more improvised in the documentary form that it ever is in drama.

This month’s focus is on directing from the perspective of editing. We will bring together some teams of directors/editors who have longstanding collaborative relationships to talk about the way they work.

Some of the areas to be explored are:
How does the director deal with something not turning out to be as you imagined?
As an editor, do you work first to the treatment or do you see things in the rushes and show the director what it might be?
As a director, do you want the editor to look for what is buried in the rushes and can be brought out or do you use the treatment of the program as a guide to what was originally imagined?
What do you learn from each other?
What moments couldn’t you have got through without each other?
Why have you sometimes wanted to kill each other and how did you restrain yourselves?

The collaborative process is an area of interest for editors who rarely get to find out how others manage it and a very useful area of inquiry for directors who can only get stronger by stronger collaborations.

Come to Ozdox on September 14th and find food for thought! Screenings and discussions as well!
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2006-09-14