Sedition and Anti-Terror Laws: Is it time to get smart and shut up? 20 April 2006

Title: SEDITION and ANTI-TERROR LAWS: Is it time to get smart and shut up?
Location: University of Technology, Sydney Bon Marche Building 3 Level 5 – Room 510 755 Harris St, Ultimo (opposite ABC)
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Thursday 20 April 2006 – 6.30pm for 7pm start


Suggested donation $5


Broadway Shopping Centre has 3 hrs parking
or parking stations in Quay St


5 mins walk from Central Station
or Bus to Central



A forum on the the implications for filmmakers of the government’s Anti-Terror and Sedition Bills. Panel consists of Julie Rigg, Richard Harris, Alida Stanley, Julian Morrow chaired by Martha Ansara.


Alarm bells are ringing in the Australian Creative Community as the Howard government cracks down on dissent. Why are they doing so at a time when other democracies have repealed their Sedition Laws?

What are the consequences of this legislation for you, and what are we going to do about it?

Are measures like these driving Australia further into a cultural backwater not seen in the bland, bad old 1950s?

Can a filmmaker really win today’s audience by following the Howard prescription of “relaxed and comfortable?”

How many of your friends are talking about getting out and going overseas?

What is happening to Australia’s Universities and cultural infrastructure?

Why is the government trying to remove the staff representative from the ABC Board? And what’s sedition got to do with it?

Find out what can happen to you if your creative work is judged to have “seditious intent”. Does it matter what your ethnic background is? Is sedition a factor in the recent wave of arrests?

All these questions and more will be discussed at the lively (and possibly seditious) Ozdox Forum. Is Sedition only a storm in a tea-cup, or if there is something very weird happening right now in the land of Oz…

There will be a screening of anti-sedition work and a free-speech forum with
* Julie Rigg (ABC Film Critic, member of the Watch on Censorship);
* Richard Harris (Executive Director of the Australian Screen Directors Association) who organised the infamous illegal screening of the banned move Ken Park;
* Alida Stanley, Senior Solicitor at the Arts Law Centre;
* and special guest Julian Morrow of the Chaser.

You may like to read a previous background paper about
Proposed Offences for Sedition in the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005.

This was a Submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee
27 October 2005 – by Chris Connolly
Law Faculty, University of NSW

The Sedition Act undermines the right of free speech, which has ever been justly deemed the only effectual guardian of every other right.
James Madison, 1778
Fourth US President and “founder” of the US Constitution.

Australian Law Reform Commission
In this background paper to its current inquiry, the commission describes the history of sedition, outlines the current state of the federal law on sedition and unlawful associations, and outlines the position in the states and territories. It surveys the relevant international laws and considers their influence on Australian law, and sets out the key questions arising from the inquiry’s terms of reference. Posted 13-04-2006
OZDOX SEDITION SESSION April 20th 2006 FILM SCREENING The screening opened with SLEEPER CELL Director: Glenn Majurey 5 films selected from the SEDITIOUS INTENT Short Film Collection were(in this order): The number identifies where they are in the whole collection of 60 minutes duration, ie. the compile as it is on the MINI DV 18. TITLE: Article 3 Director: FF filmmaking team Duration: 5 min 20sec Format: Mini DV Genre: Documentary SYNOPSIS: Vox pops in the street highlight the confusion about our rights in light of Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which specifies our right to life, liberty and security of person. 4. TITLE: (Untitled) Sedition Ad Director: Mahmoud Yekta Duration: 23 sec Genre: Subvertisement SYNOPSIS: Capital needs army boots to free float and roam the most unknown corners of the globe. Expansion is, first and foremost, violation. To market is to mark enemies and eliminate them. Ours are the times of Capital marketing Democracy. In doing so, while it expands its territories overseas through naked occupation, it needs to eliminate dissent within its own borders. Fascism is catchy. 17. TITLE: LAST STOP Director: Greg Williams Producers: Tatiana Doroshenko, Jacob Oberman, Greg Williams Duration: 4 minutes Genre: Drama, comedy SYNOPSIS: A young unshaven man boards a Melbourne tram with his gym bag. Alarm spreads among the passengers when he gets off at his stop, leaving the bag behind. 8. TITLE: Elizabeth the last! Director: Russ Hermann Duration: 20 sec Format: Mini DV Genre: Poem montage SYNOPSIS: This is a tribute to the Denis Kevans, Australia’s Poet Lorikeet, who died last September. 5. TITLE: Sleepwalking into History Director: Kuntamari Crofts E-m: Duration: 5 mins Genre: Documentary SYNOPSIS: Vox pops with high profile comedians, Wendy Harmer, Max Gillies, Will Anderson and The Chaser’s, Julian Morrow and Co, journalist, David Marr and film critic, Margaret Pomeranz, add their voices to the alarm felt in the arts community to the anti-terror laws particularly those dealing with sedition. Dynamically intercut with rehearsals of The Three Amigos by the Wharf Revue – Jonathan Biggins, Genevieve Lemon, Drew Forsythe, and Phil Scott – the documentary highlights the role of satire in a democratic society.
Start Time: 18:30
Date: 2006-04-20