Molly and Mobarak – a film by Tom Zubrycki – 9 October 200

Title: Molly and Mobarak – a film by Tom Zubrycki
Location: AFC Theatre – 150 William St, Woolloomooloo
Description: WHAT:

Screening “Molly and Mobarak”
followed by an in depth discussion with Tom Zubrycki.


AFC Theatre – 150 William St, Woolloomooloo


Thursday 9 Oct 2003 – 7pm


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by Oct 6:
Seats reserved till 6.50pm only.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2003-10-09

Topics of discussion will be:
* Storytelling in the observational form?
The construction of character. Point of view and narrative choices.
* Relationship between the documentary filmmaker and their subjects.
How the rules for filmmaking evolve.
* How much control over the story is exercised by the subjects?
* Thinking about audience and marketplace?
The role of the commissioning editor (SBS Independent)
* Planning a 9 month shoot. Compacting the crew. Role of the editor.
* What were the compromises?
Tom Zubrycki

is one of Australia’s best-known documentary filmmakers. His films are usually feature-length, strongly narrative-based, and observational in style. Most have received a cinema release and played in festivals in Australia and world-wide.

Of his films, the most notable include Kemira-Diary of a Strike (1984, Best Documentary AFI awards), Homelands (1992, Best Documentary, Australian Film Critics Circle), Billal (1996), The Diplomat (2000, Best Documentary and Best Direction, AFI awards), and The Secret Safari (2001, Dendy winner Sydney Film Festival).

Twice awarded Documentary Fellowships by the Australian Film Commission, Tom was also conferred one of the inaugural ASDA accreditations for “outstanding work and excellence in the art of screen direction” by ASDA in 2002.
“Molly and Mobarak” – a film by Tom Zubrycki

Molly and Mobarak has been described by one overseas reviewer as “a kind of Australian Romeo and Juliet with much heartbreak and a twenty-first century geo-political twist”. This 85 minute SBS/FFC accord documentary centres on a challenging relationship between an Afghan refugee and a school-teacher in a country town. Mobarak is one of 90 Afghan asylum seekers in the small NSW town of Young working in the local abattoir. He meets Molly who teaches him how to drive but when the relationship deepens Lyn, Molly’s mother, intervenes and events take a dramatic turn. Meanwhile a picture of the town emerges through other characters such as Tony Hewson, the abattoir manager who recruited the refugees, and the unstoppable Anne Bell who organises social activities and English lessons for them. The observational narrative is played out against the backdrop of a divided community still haunted by the memory of anti-Chinese riots during the 1860’s gold-rush.

Molly and Mobarak, which had its premiere at the Sydney Film Festival in June, has just been screened at Toronto. It is opening the Margaret Mead Festival in New York and has been selected in competition at IDFA in Amsterdam, widely regarded as the world’s leading documentary festival.

Directed by TOM ZUBRYCKI
Starring Mobarak Tahiri, Molly, Tony Hewson, Anne Bell
Produced by Tom Zubrycki (Australia)
Photography (Color) by Tom Zubrycki
Edited by Ray Thomas
Music by Alister Spence