Is Politics the New Black? New approaches to political filmmaking and alternative forms of distribution – 12 May 2005

Title: Is Politics the New Black? New approaches to political filmmaking and alternative forms of distribution
Location: AFC Theatre – 150 William St, Woolloomooloo
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AFC Theatre – 150 William St, Woolloomooloo


Thursday 12 May 2005 – 6.45pm


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Seats reserved till 6.45pm only.


What is the role of the political documentary and what motivates people to make them? Where does activism and filmmaking meet? Where is the best place to watch political documentaries and why?

These are just some of the questions OZDOX will be asking four prominent Australian filmmakers and activists as they join us for a lively discussion and show excerpts of their recent projects.

Please join OZDOX as we get Political! The evening will be chaired by OZDOX Committee member Imogen Semmler.

Anna Broinowski
Pip Starr
Kerry McGrath
Dave Burgess

Anna Broinowski
Anna Broinowski has been making films of various lengths and persuasions for international broadcast and theatrical release since 1995. Documentaries are Helen’s War (portrait of a dissident), Hell Bento!!, (about the Japanese cultural underground), Sexing the Label (about Queer Sydney) and Romancing the Chakra (about the New Age supermarket of the soul). Shorts include Tsunami, (released on the Slamdance dvd 12 Angry Women), and Burqa (released as part of the 2004 Omnibus feature Time to Go John).

Pip Starr
Pip Starr has been making videos, mostly in and about Australia’s activist community for over 10 years. He has produced several award winning documentaries, most recently Through the Wire, a short about a mass protest and breakout from the Woomera concentration camp. (Download from ). His latest doco, Grounds for Change, about the Millennium Coffee Crisis, is due for release in mid 2005.

Kerry McGrath
Kerry McGrath is a filmmaker, qualified teacher and youth worker with extensive experience in coordinating arts based, vocational and educational programs with a focus on community empowerment and development. She has worked in indigenous, multicultural, inner city, regional and remote communites all over Australia, and produces an annual youth film festival which has had in excess of 80 regional screenings throughout NSW in the last 12 months.

Dave Burgess
Dave Burgess has been active in forest and social justice issues since 1989 & sporadically filmmaking from 1999. His films (Protest? What Again? 1999, Empty Promises 2000, Wasting The Woods 2002, Family Fun Day 2003 & Seeing Red 2004), made in partnership with Alice Springs filmmaker Suzy Bates, focus mainly on activism around logging issues in New South Wales, Tasmania and Papua New Guinea. Seeing Red features Dave & Will Saunders’ NO WAR action on the Opera House in March 2003 for which Dave is currently serving prison time in Tomago Periodic Detention Centre.
Start Time: 18:45
Date: 2005-05-12