Filmmaker – Todd Grossman Documentary Making Of’s – 8 April 2004

Title: Filmmaker – Todd Grossman Documentary Making Of’s
Location: AFC Theatre – 150 William St, East Sydney
Description: WHAT:

The first in a series of “craft sessions” that will cover all the creative bases of documentary production.


AFC Theatre – 150 William St, East Sydney


Thursday 10 June 2004 – 7pm


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Seats reserved till 6.50pm only.
Start Time: 19:00
Date: 2004-06-10

In this April ozdox session we meet visiting American documentary filmmaker Todd Grossman. We will look at how his career developed in tandem with his love of action sports, and how that led to being involved in a major action movie, namely XXX, and now in Australia, Stealth – with the same director Rob Cohen.

What challenges, technical or otherwise, occur whilst creating a “making of”?
How does the relationship develop with the director and producers on such feature films?
What is the future for making-of’s for independant filmmakers?
Being prepared at all times… what equipment do you need?
These are just a few of the questions Todd will address in this session.

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XXX – Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel on the set of XXX

About “Todd Grossman”

A writer/director of commercials and documentaries Todd Grossman was born and raised in New Hampshire where he began skateboarding and shooting at age 12. By 20 he had a degree in film and cinema/television from the University of Southern California, had competed in the invitation only X-Games and NBC’s Gravitity Games, and was running his production company full time.

Continuing his love for action and action sports he has appeared in various feature films and commercials including BATMAN & ROBIN and the Michael Bay NIKE Superbowl commercial series, THE ALPHA PROJECT.

Throughout college Grossman shot documentaries and commercials for many of the companies he skated for, including ESPN/espn2, Fox Sports, and others. His experience behind the camera coupled with his athletic ability has developed a unique style and eye for action and dramatic directing.

Last winter, Grossman was nominated for his in depth documentary; XXX: A FILMMAKERS DIARY. Starring director Rob Cohen, Vin Diesel & the cast and crew of the summer blockbuster, Grossman spent 3 months overseas creating the piece for Revolution Studios and Columbia/Tristar.

Most recently he has been living in Sydney shooting and directing the featured DVD doc for STEALTH, the 2005 action thriller from Sony and Columbia Pictures. Shooting at Fox Studios Australia, in the Blue Mountains, Thailand, and on the USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier, Grossman will soon return to the United States to begin post production on his latest documentary.

In addition, the mockumentary SLEDGE: A Documentary, starring Ben Stiller, Carrie-Ann Moss, Hugo Weaving, and David Leitch, is currently in post in Los Angeles.
Quote from Hollywood Reporter Oct 3, 2002.

The DVD manager Javier Soto said that XXX director Rob Cohen hired New Wave Entertainment filmmaker Todd Grossman to do an extensive documentary on the cast and crew. But more importantly, Soto said, he took a much more up-close, in-your-face view of the stuntwork involved. “Grossman was there right alongside Rob Cohen from the start; putting cameras in the cars and in the middle of explosions, among other things,” Soto said. “He was right in the trenches of XXX during the entire 82 day shoot.”

Todd Grossman is represented by ICM and Michael Sugar of Acronym Entertainment.

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