Documentary’s High Definition Imperative – 10 March 2005

Title: Documentary’s High Definition Imperative
Location: AFC Theatre – 150 William St, Woolloomooloo
Description: WHAT:

Panel consists of Pieter de Vries, Michael Gissing, Malcolm Pollard, Paul Maroni
Chaired by Martha Ansara


AFC Theatre – 150 William St, Woolloomooloo


Thursday 10 March 2005 – 6.45pm


Suggested Donation $5

by March 7:
Seats reserved till 6.45pm only.


In March 2005, low-cost professional High Definition cameras are due to explode into the rapidly evolving technology of Australian doco production. The superior visual quality of HDV will shortly become mandatory for documentary filmmakers. To help prepare for the change, Ozdox invites you to meet a panel of top experts to share the results of recent tests, research and HD experiences. You are invited to put your questions and discuss production and post-production pathways and issues. Dolby Digital 5.1 audio will also be touched upon.

Pieter de Vries
Award-winning cinematographer (eg Australian Cinematographer of the Year, Emmy nomination, etc), Pieter’s extensive experience with HD has led to his engagement by Sony to test the new camera technology. He has shot standard film, Imax and HD for the BBC. ABC (US & Oz), Discovery, National Geographic, James Cameron (USA), Scott Hicks, Bruce Beresford, and many others.

Michael Gissing
After 20 years of digital audio post production, Michael’s Digital City has launched into High Definition video in a move to offer post production supervision of both HD video and 5.1 audio, targeting theatrical distribution as well as broadcast. Michael’s creative and technical excellences are well known to Australia’s documentary community.

Malcolm Pollard
Malcolm is based in ABC television transmission at Ultimo, where he specialises in HD and – most importantly – Dolby Digital 5.1 audio and is currently working on upgrading the ABC specs for program delivery and dealing with the complications of having analogue, SD and HD playing the program at the same time. He is the man who knows whether your program will be acceptable for broadcast.

Paul Maroni
Paul is the Sony broadcast and professional representative who has been evaluating and looking after the new HD products.

Chair: Martha Ansara (Ozdox)
Start Time: 18:45
Date: 2005-03-10