Blogging and Documentary – 9 November 2006

Title: Blogging and Documentary

with Chris Caines, Adrian Miles, Marc Radomsky

WHERE: AFC Theatre

WHEN: Thursday 9 Nov 2006 – 6.45pm for 7pm start


Discussion addressing the questions:

How are documentary makers using blogging to develop their ideas and their projects?

Are blogs a new form of personal documentary?

How do documentary bloggers protect their copyright or is this even relevant in an online world?

Is blogging a new way of making political documentaries?

How can documentary makers use blogging to engage with audiences and develop a long tail for their subjects?

How does blogging fit into the new landscape for documentary: websites, online documentary?

Plus presentations from bloggers.


Chris Caines
…is a filmmaker and new media artist working in short fiction & documentary forms both video based & locative works delivered over mobiles. He is currently producing a locative documentary for phones & web based on Broadway in Sydney His film and video work has been widely shown including Cannes, Berlin & the Tate & MoMA museums. He teaches in the Media Arts program at UTS.

Adrian Miles
…teaches the theory and practice of hypermedia and interactive video at RMIT University, Australia. He has also been a senior new media researcher in the InterMedia Lab at the University of Bergen, Norway. Adrian’s research interests include hypertext and hypermedia, appropriate pedagogies for new media education, digital poetics, and the use of Deleuzean philosophy in the context of digital poetics. He maintains a vlog (video blog) at

Marc Radomsky
…is an award winning filmmaker who has made over 100 broadcast programs – documentaries (one off’s and series), actuality, observational & magazine programs, television commercials, dramatic works and promotional films. Marc has a keen interest in the ‘changing face of independent broadcast and content production’ and ideas about how blogging as a platform may offer solutions to broadcaster limitations.
Start Time: 18:45
Date: 06-11-09