Tom Zubrycki

Tom ZubryckiTom Zubrycki has earned an international reputation for his substantial and widely-respected body of documentaries. He works mainly in an observational style and his films are narrative-based and strongly character-driven.

His latest film The Hungry Tide, currently in production, is about the Pacific nation of Kiribati – one of the countries in the world most vulnerable to climate change.

His earlier films include Temple of Dreams (2007), about the struggle of a group of young Muslim Australians to keep open a youth centre in Sydney’s west, and Molly & Mobarak (2003), a story about a relationship between a young Afghani refugee and a school-teacher in an Australian country town. Molly & Mobarak opened the Margaret Mead Film Festival (2003), was screened in competition at IDFA (2003), and had a national cinema release.

Temple of Dreams and Molly & Mobarak takes up the themes of displacement, identity and cultural difference – ideas that Tom been exploring since the 90’s in films such as Homelands (1993) and Billal (1996).

In 2000 he completed The Diplomat a documentary about Jose Ramos-Horta, the exiled East Timorese freedom-fighter and the final two years of his quarter-century campaign to achieve independence for his country. The film won two Australian Film Institute Awards – Best Director and Best Documentary.

His other films have included The Secret Safari (2002, 52 mins), Lord of the Bush (1990, 55 mins), Bran Nue Dae (1991, 55 mins), Friends and Enemies (1987, 90 mins), Kemira – Diary of a Strike(1984, 62 mins) and Waterloo (1981, 48 min).

Tom also works as a producer mentoring emerging filmmakers. His credits include Exile in Sarajevo (1996, International Emmy for Best Documentary), Whiteys Like Us (1998), Dr Jazz (1999), Stolen Generations (2000), Making Venus (2001), Gulpilil – One Red Blood (2002), The Prodigal Son (2005), A Fighting Chance (2007), Mad Morro (2008), Wanja (2008), The Intervention (2008) and Stolen (2009).