Amanda King

Amanda King is a documentary film director who’s been making films since the late 1980’s. In 1990 she co-produced The Shadow over East Timor, a Finalist, Best Documentary, AFI Awards 1988 which was sold to 6 different countries. She is also an acclaimed visual artist working in collage with portraits hung in a number of national competitions and the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.

Since 1987 Amanda King and her partner, cinematographer, Fabio Cavadini have been collaborating as co-producer/director team. They have produced a string of documentaries, many being broadcast on SBS TV; most recent, An Evergreen Island, an inspiring story of the people of Bougainville Island who developed amazing methods of self-sufficiency during a ten year blockade lifted in 1997.

Since 2002 Amanda has been documenting the work and the working process of her aunt, the renowned Melbourne-based sculptor, Inge King. In 2010, the film, titled A Thousand Different Angles, will be braodcast on Australia’s national public broadcaster, ABC Television 1’s Artscape program.

For several years Amanda and Fabio developed the documentary film program at the UBS Film School, at the University of Sydney and from 2004-2010 were joint Heads of Documentary at the Sydney Film School.


A Thousand Different Angles is a half hour documentary about the life and work of one of Australia’s foremost sculptors, INGE KING, whose monumental abstract sculpture graces many public buildings and plazas. To be broadcast on ABC TV March 2010


Starting From Zero – Broadcast on SBS TV 2001
52 min documentary about three East Timorese Australians who, after 25 years in exile have returned to their country to play a part in the reconstruction of their devastated yet emerging, nation.

An Evergreen Island – 45mins Broadcast SBS TV 2001
45 min documentary. A story of courage and ingenuity about how the people of Bougainville survived a 10 year long blockade and war which followed their protest against the environmental damage caused by one of the world’s largest copper mines.

Awards & Film Festival screenings: World Social Forum Film Festival, Mumbai, 2004, Docomania, 2003, NZ, 5th Kalamata International Documentary Film Festival, 2002, Greece, Cape Town Earth Festival Film Programme, 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, South Africa, Commonwealth Film Festival, 2002, Manchester,UK, Finalist, 2002 ATOM Awards, Best Short-Form Documentary, 2002, Melbourne, Australia, THIRD Annual Labor Film Festival, 2002, Brookline, MA USA, Version>02 2002, Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago USA, 20th GLOBALVISIONS FESTIVAL, 2001, Edmonton Alberta CANADA Wild Spaces Environmental Film Festival, 2000, 5th Environmental Film Festival, Fitzroy Australia, WOW 2000 – A WORLD OF WOMEN’S CINEMA, 10th International Film Festival, 2000 Sydney Australia

Colour Bars – Producers/DOP Broadcast on SBS Television Feb‘97
A 51min. non-observational documentary about the lives of five young Australians of non-English speaking backgrounds, directed by Mahmoud Yekta. They were born or raised here and have experienced the ups and downs of growing up in at least two cultures. Finalist, Best Documentary, Australian Film Institute Awards 1997

Concrete City – Broadcast on SBS Television Aug ‘94
A 55 min. documentary. The community of Pyrmont, an inner Sydney suburb responds to major re-development plans proposed by the government. Melbourne International Film Festival, Festival Internationale Du Film D’Environment, Paris, 1994
Broadcast on SBS Television 1992

A Wall of Secrecy – 52 min. documentary about a Canberra mother, Kerry Browning, wife of the Pan Africanist Congress representative, Maxwell Nemadzivhanani. She was charged with firebombing South African and US Embassy cars and later acquitted.

The Shadow Over East Timor – Broadcast on SBS TV
A 58 min. documentary about the Indonesian invasion and occupation of East Timor. ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) Awards, 1987. Finalist, Television Documentaries, Australian Film Institute Awards 1991; Broadcast in Britain, Netherlands, Canada, Portugal and Macau. Co-Producer/Co-Director